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  • Incentive tours and memorable experiences. At PTS we take pride in exceeding your expectations and offering more. Not any places, but unforgettable destinations. Not just getting there, but always receiving a professional, attentive and smiling welcome. Things to do or see? We transform any activity into an enriching and inspiring experience. We are proud that, after so many years, our personal incentive still remains the same: your 100% pure satisfaction.


  • Our ideas and wonderful settings will make your events truly memorable, communicating your brand, company and products at their best.

    We carefully choose the appropriate context and event style for your professional field and guests.

    We analyze potential locations and availability, quickly filtering out the right solutions for you.

    We believe in open and collaborative communication: therefore our proposals are always clear and very precise. They can be easily understood, shared and further customized to your advantage.

    Ready to get started??


  • Due to our long experience as Destination Management Company, we have an extensive, in-depth knowledge of our Italian territory. Enthusiasm, constant innovation, passion for Culture, Art and Beauty complete our skills.

    PTS is a unique, reliable gateway for all companies wanting to optimize time and resources.

    From the most demanding business meetings to the simplest Vespa and bicycle tours, we offer an impeccable organization. We negotiate on your behalf the best rates and give you access to local resources and suppliers making the best out of your investment.


  • Our expertise helps you achieving the goals of your business gathering. From product launches to sales meetings we take care of every detail. We are fast, effective, punctual, and in our planning we consider all your guests and customers needs, by anticipating them.

    Our strategies & procedures are proven and successful. However, they are not suitable for everyone, but only for those who work with shared vision and wish to achieve perfect collaboration!


  • Raising the level of knowledge on Medicine & Health is fundamental for the common good. PTS is partner of excellence in organizing CME courses, from the early start-up planning to the post course communication.


  • “We don't stop playing because we grow older. We grow old because we stop playing.” - George Bernard Shaw

    Commitment, challenge, playfulness and fun: team building activities are an ideal tool to strengthen team spirit within your company. Achieving greater cohesion in your working teams, will definitely improve your company's performance. Our team building proposals are creative, engaging and tailored to your needs. From cooking lessons to rafting we really have it all!